1.  Antennas

Anketek possesses computational tools and the expertise to model and analyze conformal and three-dimensionsal antennas in isolation as well as when they are installed on an aircraft, ship or ground vehicle. Moreover, Anketek has facilities for prototyoing and testing of printed as well as three dimensional antennas.

A large portion of Anketek's antenna effort focuses on VHF and UHF band military grade antennas. In the past 3 years, Anketek suscessfully designed, prototyped and tested a number of whip antennas for hand-held and back-pack military radios for its customers.




2. Wireless Communications


Anketek has the expertise to design wireless terminals with various digitalcommunications technologies. Multi-antenna communications,OFDM, relay-based communication, ad hoc tactical networks, HF, wireless local area networks, satellite communication, wireless networks utilizing directional antennas are among the capabilities offered by Anketek.

Anketek has the expertise to design and develop instrumentation for interfacing with sensors and add wireless capability. Integration of RF ICs such as RFID readers, FSK radios, and 802.15.4 radios with microcontrollers is one of the most common tasks performed by Anketek. This includes PCB/antenna/firmware design and testing. Firmware design is usually a complex task based on customer requirements. It may implement a simple custom protocol in the case of, for example, FSK communication, or it maybe as complex as a 6LoWPAN stack for an 802.15.4 radio. Testing involves both validation of the firmware as well RF measurement to insure regulatory compliance.




3. Embedded Systems

The engineering capabilities of Anketek include hardware control & automation, networking, wireless interfaces, and sensor instrumentation. This starts with assessment of requirements. Circuit design, parts sourcing, prototyping, firmware/software development and testing are all within these capabilities. The process ends with transfer of design files for manufacturing and providing support.

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